About NCDT

History, Mission, Vision

Founded in 2011, the National Collaborative for Disability and Technology (NCDT) was established through a federal grant aimed at increasing the availability of accessible technology for people with disabilities.

NCDT started with three public-private partnerships with technology companies, yet has grown to over 300 collaborators across the United States and internationally. We utilize an innovation "inclusive driven development" model to proactively address barriers to access in the development of new technology. We also conduct comprehensive accessibility evaluations.

As a result of our efforts, NCDT members have contributed to the accessible development of hundreds of technology devices and software applications. Most of our technology is open source, which encourages ongoing collaboration to further enhance and expand the technology.

Progress Made

Comprehensive data analytics of activities and deliverables are available upon request. However, the progress bars below represent a quick snapshot of our efforts.

# of Tech Development Hours (Goal: 10,000 hours):

85% # of Development Hours (Goal: 10,000 hours)

# of Tech Evaluation Hours (Goal: 7,500 hours):

90% # of Tech Evaluation Hours

# of Accessible Products Developed (Goal: 200):

100% # of Accessible Products Developed

# of Open Source Downloads (Goal: 5,000):

80% # of Open Source Downloads (Goal: 5,000)
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Our Philosophy

Inclusion is predicated on access

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